Editorial Board

The editorial board publishes the Journal of the Japan Diabetes Education and Nursing Association twice a year (March and September) both online and in print. Article types include Original Articles, Brief Reports, Reviews, Practical Reports, Documents, and more. Submitted papers are reviewed by peer reviewers, and the editorial board makes a final decision based on set criteria and importance to the field. We aim to contribute to the development of diabetes medical care and nursing.

Research Committee

The research committee was established when it broke away from the Research and Training Committee in April 2006 in order to focus on research activities.

The main objective of this committee is to deliver research outcomes from the committee and JADEN members funded by a JADEN research grant. The current research topic of this committee is initial education for patients with type 2 diabetes.

Education & Training Committee

Our mission is to provide training opportunities for JADEN members and other nurses engaged in diabetes nursing with the aim to improve the quality of diabetes nursing practice.

We provide (or co-provide with other organizations) seminars focused in particular on foot care and prevention of diabetic end-stage renal disease in accordance with the revised Japanese national medical fee system.

Certification for CDEJ Continuous Education Program Committee

Our mission is to evaluate third-party education programs as to whether they fulfill the requirements for renewal of the Certified Diabetes Educators in Japan (CDEJ) accreditation.

Membership Network Committee

We are committed to improving diabetes nursing through establishing an active network of JADEN members. Each of the 47 prefectures is represented by a regional member and participates in regional collaboration in the practice of disaster diabetes nursing, support for local CDEs, and planning for the International Diabetes Day event.

Public Relations Committee

Our committee, formerly the “Website Committee”, aims to disseminate information about diabetes education and nursing to patients and citizens. The JADEN website was launched in April 2001 and renewed in 2006, and the English site was added in 2007. The website features timely information such as the publication of official JADEN books and references to the activities of JADEN members covered by the media. We also started a Facebook page in 2014.

Pictures: Member activities on JADEN Facebook page

Awards Committee

The purpose of the Awards Committee is to determine requirements regarding awards to be presented to regular members and others who have contributed to the activities of the Japan Academy of Diabetes Education and Nursing and to promote diabetes education and nursing.

The Academy recognizes (1) members who have contributed to the Academy over many years/contributed to diabetes education and nursing, (2) members who have conducted original and pioneering research/activities, (3) members who have novel perspectives and whose future development is expected, and (4) authors of outstanding papers published in our Journal.

Policy Committee

Our mission is to make policy proposals, particularly about the medical fee system, with a balance of viewpoints from both patients and medical professionals. The goal of our work is to help patients with diabetes achieve wellness through improved nursing care and systems. We conduct surveys to assess the quality of nursing in order to make informed policy proposals for the medical fee system in relation to diabetes healthcare.

Special Committee

The special interest topic of the current 10th term is the establishment of infrastructure for hyper-aging societies, continued from the 7th term. We aim to reveal the current status of elderly people with diabetes, clarify issues to tackle, and suggest solutions.

We also continue to review and revise the “Diabetes Nursing Manual for Disasters,” published in 2013 during the 9th term.

Future Planning Committee

The purpose of the Future Planning Committee is “to study the future direction of the Academy, including its activities, organization, and priority policies, with the hope of contributing to society in diabetes nursing and to provide recommendations and proposals to the Board of Directors”. Five-year priority goals were formulated, and the core functions of diabetes education and nursing were clarified. In addition, we are currently developing an e-learning system to improve knowledge and skills in diabetes nursing.

International Relations Committee

This committee conducts informational exchanges with foreign institutions and universities on practice, research, and education on diabetes and diabetes nursing, and plans and operates international collaborative projects and exchange programs. It also creates and updates the English version of the JADEN website and supports members’ international activities and exchanges.

Report on the Current Practice of Diabetes Care and Nursing in Asia