About Us

Our Mission

The increasing prevalence of diabetes demands more human resources for patient education by medical professionals such as nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists, technicians, and others. Our mission is therefore to promote research that can be directly applied by diabetes educators and nurses in the clinical setting. We provide opportunities for researchers to share their research findings, clinicians to share their clinical experiences, and others to share their knowledge of diabetes education and nursing. We aim to collect and integrate this knowledge and experience in order to improve diabetes education and nursing.

JADEN History

In February 1996, a plan to establish certification for diabetes educators was begun in Japan. Some diabetes educators and nurses expressed their expectations and concerns for the plan. However, there were no opportunities or venues for them to express their objections to the plan because of a lack of an academic organization through which to do so. This situation created the impetus for establishing an academic society in the field of diabetes education and nursing. Finally, the Japan Academy of Diabetes Education and Nursing was established in October 1996.

The activities of JADEN are continuously expanding. Our annual conference welcomed about 2,500 participants in 2007, 3,000 in 2010, and 4,000 in 2013. Participants from both the academic and clinical fields share their knowledge, discuss, and communicate enthusiastically at the conferences. JADEN expanded and strengthened its organizational foundation and was renewed as a general incorporated association in December 2010.


We collaborate with several associations in the field of diabetes. We established the Certified Diabetes Educators of Japan accreditation with the Japan Diabetes Society and the Japan Society of Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition. The first certificate was issued in March 2001. More than half of CDEJs are nurses.

We also collaborate with the Japanese Nursing Association to run the Certified Expert Nurses (CN) accreditation in diabetes nursing since 2000. As of July 2018, JNA has certified 890 CNs in diabetes nursing.

JADEN has been a member of the Japan Council for Promotion of Countermeasures against Diabetes since 2013.

JADEN Action Plan 2017-2021

  1. Actualization of diabetes education and nursing research
  2. Establishment of infrastructure for a hyper-aging society
  3. Aggregation of diabetes education and nursing research to build a comprehensive database
  4. Development and application of human resources against diabetes
  5. Education and dissemination of information about diabetes to the general population