JADEN: its establishment and subsequent developments

 A result of the increase in diabetes patients has been an increase in the need for human resources to provide patients with diabetes education. At the same time, there are rising expectations on the part of the public for education to be provided by nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists, technicians and others. In order to respond adequately to these expectations, in a context in which it would be difficult to say that education is being carried out effectively or in the light of experience, there is a need to provide a qualitative and quantitative improvement in patient education.

 With these points in mind, JADEN intends to promote research that specialists in diabetes education will be able to apply to their own practice. The Association will serve as a forum in which researchers can present their findings in the field of diabetes education, or as one in which practitioners can make reports, and in addition as a place in which researchers and practitioners can engage in mutual exchange of views and experience. We will systematize and unify theory and research concerned with diabetes education, with the objective of making a contribution to raising the level of such education.

 Turning to the establishment of the Japan Academy of Diabetes Education and Nursing, its beginnings can be traced back to a meeting in February 1996 of a number of concerned persons who shared common feelings of expectations and unease about the arrangements that were then being put in place for a certification examination for Certified Diabetes Educators of Japan. At that time, the concerned persons (nurses) tried to protest against this development, but because there was no research organization such as an academic association, they were not in a position of being able to participate or protest. It was this situation that led to the establishment of a nationwide body.

 After JADEN was established in October 1996, the certification system for "Certified Diabetes Educators of Japan", the issue which had constituted the trigger for JADEN's establishment, finally came into being as a result of the combined efforts of 3 academic bodies, the Japan Diabetes Society, the Japan Society of Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition, and JADEN, and the first certification examination was held in March 2001. Furthermore, with regard to the system of certified expert nurses, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Japanese Nursing Association, in response to a petition by JADEN, the field of diabetes nursing was recognized in the year 2000 as an approved field, and study training for those wishing to become certified expert nurses in this field began in April 2001. JADEN's activities are becoming more and more popular every year. About 1500 people participate in our annual academic general meeting, and those responsible for commercial stands at the venue of the meeting display an astounding amount of energy and enthusiasm.


Are you satisfied with the present system of diabetes education? We want to make efforts to ensure that the Japan Academy of Diabetes Education and Nursing is a body that sees diabetes education not simply in terms of knowledge and information about diabetes being provided to patients, but as being concerned with patient-centered education, in which due consideration is given to patient evaluation and daily life habits. To fulfill these aims, I am sure everyone will agree that it is necessary to have research into the theoretical basis of what constitutes good quality patient education, and to support good quality practice. These are the reasons why JADEN exists. Won't you come and join our discussions.

Chairperson of the Board of Directors

JADEN's Activities

The activities carried out by JADEN can be listed as follows: 1. Holding academic meetings; 2. Issuing an academic journal (twice a year); 3. Engaging in specific activity projects, (1) the promotion of research and study training activities, (2) networking among members, (3) setting up nurse training meetings, and (4) maintaining and administering the JADEN home page; 4. Other activities depending on the need.

Organogram of JADEN

Organogram of JADEN